Thursday, December 14, 2006

Week 9 Subject 21

pomegranate-grapefruit cupcake
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Hallelujah!!! It took some time but thanks to Denise's guidance was able to locate a podcast I could easily add a Rss feed to. Lots that I found were such a huge compilation of episodes that they did not want to copy & paste across. We can now officially call my 23 things to be learnt. Found it to be sometimes frustrating (especially Rss feeds) but overall a great challenge providing a lot of info which will also help my course. Now to my next challenge Two Spoons - The Cafe. Can never let life be dull.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Week 8 Subject 18

Zohowriter is a great tool when it eventually allows you access. Found my account to pending processing for some time. A very handy option if you do not have another option to save data. Just a little different to alter fonts and add effects when you are used to Microsoft Word. Could be something I would recommend in the future.

Week 9 Subject 23

Crazy About Chocolate
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Have had to skip ahead while waiting for my Zoho account to complete loading. Sure takes a while. Well must say I have enjoyed the whole challenge. Have learnt quite a bit along the way too - some of which I'm sure I'll never use again. Interesting to see what i've been missing though. Thanks for watching & catch u later.

Week 9 Subject 22

Joined the Yarra Plenty Netlibrary where I tried to stick with my theme & check for "Food" things. Managed to locate a few relating to the fat content in food. Too depressing really!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Week 9 Subject 20

In line with the overall theme of eating & cakes or just because these kids are cute. Check this out!!!

Week 8 Subject 19

Went to My Space which have always wanted to check out but not having teen kids never had the need. Scary stuff to see what the future holds in the way of communication between teens +. Some friends say their kids cant communicate in person or on the phone but have no problem with chatting on-line.

Week 7 Subject 17

Visited the Learning 2.0 Sandbox Wiki & added my blog site to the favourites. Have used Wikipedia previously but had not known there were so many wikis out there!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Week 7 Subject 16

The wonderful world of Wikis
Quite interesting to see all of the different Wikis out there. Booklovers and Best practises wikis are a good concept to allow all access and to add their own info!

Week 6 Subject 15

Wow people do take there Libary 2.0 very seriously judging by the perspective of "To a temporary Place in time" - check it out here. Personally I prefer the simplicity of the explanation on Wikipedia.

Week 6 Subject 14

Had a few little searches on Technorati. Amazed at the amount of people blogging away!!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Week 6 Subject 13 is an interesting tool which would be quite handy if are a really into bookmarking sites. May be handy for an info type role but not currently something I would use lots!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Week 5 Subject 12

Had a bit of play in Rollyo & have set my searchroll - hope this of use to someone. Would have liked a nice link in my side bar but got a little cranky with this whole process..

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Week 5 Subject 11

Have had a little try of LibraryThing & have discovered that I have very strange taste in books. Thought I would add some kids titles to lighten the mood a bit. Why don't you check them out here and see if you agree.